Monday, September 24, 2012

Why Learning Car Insurance Terms is That Important

What most people don’t do when they are trying to get their car insurance service is they never learn anything or more things from their insurance. That is to say, most of these people are just buyers, and buying they are without knowing what they have bought actually. If you don’t believe this, try asking these people (they could be your neighbors to closest families) who have already been having or paying their car insurance for some times now.

Ask them what is the rate of their insurance, and you (at best!) may have the global or generalization answer which is particularly precisely stated in the brochures! Ask them again about making some claims, and you will get more or less the same answer of having contacted their insurance agents first!

Of course, you cannot make the same mistakes these people are already on the run. You need to clearly and correctly know what your insurance is all about, and if necessary every single terms related to your insurance. In this way of learning and knowing, you will be able to get and compare the best coverage for your car insurance services. And once you manage to get this, you certainly do get the best car insurance service ever!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Alternative Financing Options

Specifically, Credit Unions, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), Micro Lenders and Accounts Receivable Factoring Firms all said YES to the majority of their small business financing applications while most larger banks repeatedly said NO.

Although a home healthcare agency owner could be approved for financing by any of the alternative lenders listed above, the best alternative financing option for them is to work with a home healthcare factor, and here's why:

1. Home Health Care Factoring Creates Positive Cash Flow

Some Medicaid waiver programs can take up to a month to reimburse an agency for its pre-approved non-medical in-home services. This lag in payments makes it difficult for new or growing agencies to be able to meet payroll and other financial obligations. However, when agency owners sell their Medicaid receivables to a home care funding firm, funds can be directly deposited into their bank account within hours. Instead of waiting weeks or months, factoring your home care business gives business owners immediate access to cash.

2. Home Health Care Factoring Helps Eliminate Overhead

In addition to providing capital, home health care factors provide invoice processing services, which include the following: posting invoices to a computer, depositing checks, entering payments, following-up on past-due invoices and producing consistent reports. Agency owners can greatly reduce their current overhead costs associated with processing invoices and eliminate the overhead cost of handling collections when they work with a factoring firm. Moreover, agency owners can use the time they used to spend on collections, administration, bookkeeping, talking to banks, etc. to focus on marketing, sales and other business-growing activities.

3. Factoring Medicaid Receivables Helps Home Health Care Agencies Build Credit

As was previously discussed, home health care factoring provides agency owners with adequate cash flow. This new found access to capital gives agency owners the ability to pay its vendors on time, helping them to establish a good credit rating. Having good credit will make it easier for vendors and other financial institutions to extend credit to the agency in the future. In addition, factoring home health care allows agency owners to take advantage of early payment discounts. For example, some vendors will offer a two percent discount if a home health care agency owner pays its bills within ten days. This savings can then be used to offset the cost of factoring.